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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's growing at your house?

This isn't meant to be a loaded question or anything. Or to ask about the things forgotten in your fridge. Just a simple Spring question about what you like to grow ~ flowers, veggies, etc. Here's a look around our house:

Red Geraniums! This will be taken to the
back patio at some point. Behind them, you can
see the daffodils that are past their prime!

The first yellow flower on one of my tomato plants.
I'm growing them on the deck, this year, in plastic tubs.
I'd planted them so many times around the patio,
that the tomatoes just weren't doing well. Hoping
that new soil will do the trick.

A mixture of flowers, in hanging baskets. I'm hoping
that the hummingbirds will like them. That's why the geraniums
need to come out back, the birds are attracted to red and I plan
to hang a feeder off the deck as well.

A volunteer pansy from last year. I've taken a few seeds
from the yellow and white ones, out front, and added them
to the baskets that are attached to the deck.

We planted corn this year. Here, a couple have begun
to sprout. It would be great to be able to grow
a few ears of corn.

Another new item for us this year, pumpkins.

This is my second year trying to grow basil from seed.
Here's hoping I can grow some!

This house wouldn't be complete with out
two growing boys!! Think they've both grown a couple
inches just this year!

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