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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Belated Thank You!

Have been 40 for just over a week. Don't notice any major changes in life and that is just fine by me. Did want to take a few moments to show a few things I received on my birthday and to express a big thank you!!
A dear friend of my brought over a pot of Pansey's.
She knows how I enjoy them! Then we went for coffee
and shopping.

While out, we went by the PX (her husband is in
the Air Force). I picked up a Vera Bradley Tote Bag with
birthday money I'd received from both sets of parents.
I'll use it as a "diaper bag" too, after the adoption goes through.

A gold charm holder for a necklace.
I'd been wanting one and Kevin bought this
for me!

My very own, Thing Two Action Figure!
Don't you wish you had one also?

"While You Where Sleeping"
A favorite Sandra Bullock movie of mine.

Am I officially a Home School Geek? I keep
asking for "teacher manuals" for birthday or Christmas
and getting them!! I also ask for book cases! LOL

Yummy!! The day ended with
Angle Food Cake and Chocolate Mouse!!

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