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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paper work is wrapping up!

In an envelope similar to this one, the last of the paper work and final check for the Home Study went out today. Wouldn't have thought it would take two months, approximately, just to get the paperwork together and mailed off. Kevin mentioned that he was able to get the training certificates emailed off this afternoon. That leaves, I believe, one reference letter to be mailed in and our autobiographies which we hope to email in tonight or tomorrow.

I can feel my heart pounding a bit harder today, as I think how things are coming together. To think that the Home Study could be finished in the near future and that will begin the adoption process shortly there after. It could be as early as 3 months after that, that we have an infant in our house. Wow!! Here come the sleepless nights and diapers all over again!!

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