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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Taking a break

blogging for awhile. My second Mac had an unfortunate run in with second sons breakfast! Found out tonight it would be just about $500.00 to repair. That is quite a large chunck of change to put into something when the original price was a bit less than that. Not sure when or if it will get replaced.

For now adu!  May be back someday toblog, but may not as well,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Curriculum - to many choices?

Even though we have officially begun the 2012/13 school year, even though this is our 6th year homeschooling, even though many things, making the right or best choice for curriculum seems to induce a panic attack to some extent.

Fortunately, we've been at it long enough that we've figured out what works on most subjects.  Some subjects, boys have requested the next level, so no extra thought there.

This year is a tad bit different, we have a 7th grader.  He'll be in high school before we know it.  He'll be wanting to look at colleges and start applying before we know it.  Need to start prepping now, so that the stress of high school level isn't as great.

Many blessings though, through this transition.
  1. Have heard many good things about Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) first hand.  Some negative first hand too, but it wasn't a nasty type review, more of a "don't get why we need to add this sort of word so many times!"  I can work with comments like that!!!!
  2. Rainbow Resource staff has been very helpful in exchanging items and making recommendations for a new foreign language.
  3. Thankful for many home school friends who've used specific subjects and can share insight as well as know our kids a bit and can weigh in with a valid opinion.
  4. Having a co-op to go to so I don't have to teach every subject.  Both kids are getting science outside of the house as well as a fun class.
The line up for class this year is as follows:
  • both boys:  Mystery of History Volume 3 (their mutual agreement that we needed to finish the series before doing something else), foreign language of some sort, physical education
  • Thing One:  Pre-Algebra (MUS), Apples Daily Spelling Drills, Daily Grams 7th grade, IEW B, Beyond Five in a Row, Science, Robotics, Life Skills, Electives (Boy Scout Merit Badges and Requirements)
  • Thing Two:  Delta (MUS), Spelling Workout, Daily Grams 4th grade, Five in a Row Volume 4, Science, Builders, Life Skills
What are your children studying this school year?  Are they excited?  Hope so.  =)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Third Day

As I typed the title out, made me remember the group "Third Day" and thought I'd leave it as is, to make whoever reads this wonder. Wonder what the gist of the post would be about. Am I going to share a Third Day video that I enjoy or am I going to go into some kind of detail about the third day of something ~ like school, which today was.  =}

Originally it was about school and how it seemed to get easily derailed!  Have been dealing with major allergy issues the last couple weeks and had had enough.  Made a doctors appointment to discuss what to do about it.  Got a prescrip for a couple different things that will hopefully do the trick; if not will have a couple very disappointed boys at our house.  A while back we'd promised them kittens; a situation came about where the price was right, but the addition of two more cats seemed to have been to much for me!  Will have to see how a few things pan out!

Third Day - the group!  Took some time to see which videos struck my fancy right now.  This one seemed to be it for me today.


Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of 2012/13

First day of school at Oak Creek Academy has come to a close; we're winding down with an episode of Star Trek Voyager!  Here is some glimpses into our day!
 One of many different "First Day of School" treats I'd
seen on Pinterest; also one of the easiest to make.

 Had seen these Cheeze its while picking up
other things for our first day.  Let the creative
juices flowing for the wording.

 Hello dollar bin at Wal-mart!  Lots of candy labeling posting
at Pinterest so it was easy to make something for candy.

 Here is most of Thing One's "new school day" loot!
He tends to get stuff in blue.

 The green version for Thing Two.

 Total impulse purchase!  Green and blue, how could I say
no to these!  Boys seemed to enjoy them too.

 Close up of shirts for physical educations!  The boys
were shocked that it didn't say Oak Creek Academy.

 Thing One's close up.  His sign says,
Oak Creek Academy
2012/13 School Year
Well Hello 7th grade
I'm ready to build a great year!

Thing Two:
Oak Creek Academy
2012/13 School Year
Watch out 4th grade ~
I'm ready to knock it out of the park!!

 Really getting tired of the photos and
ready for school.

 One more close up!

The day itself went fairly well.  They breezed through math, got through grammar and spelling (both a little shocked that we're doing formal spelling again!  Oh well kids get over it!).  Probably the best portion for both boys was mentioning it was time for Five in a Row and Beyond Five in a Row.  I didn't quite get to letting them ordering which books were first, second and so on like I'd planned, however it all worked out.  When I told Thing Two we were rowing "Roxaboxen", he was totally excited.  As always, he said it was his "favorite" and went off to get the book and manual for me.  He enjoyed doing some map work of the Southeast.  When it was Thing One's turn, I gave him a choice of the three books we had not covered in Volume Three of Beyond.  He was excited to row "Cricket in Time Square"; we read it about 5 years ago for a different curriculum and he was eager to read it again.  We spent about half an hour "exploring" some aspects of New York City.  He was excited by all this enough, he wants to write a report at the end of the week.  We'll see on this one.  Thing One even asked for more school.  UGH is all I thought, it's one day down and I already want a break (didn't sleep well last night and felt very exhausted after covering the basics).

The fall out from a crazy day and crazy school day when
no "margin" was planned for.  REALLY need to remember
that one later.  It's not such a good thing to have things stacked
that we can't clean up afterward.

The house was left as above, we got ready to zip out for Monday's therapy, briefly filled Kevin in on thoughts for dinner, and headed out.  Got home almost three hours later to a house smelling of dinner!  Thankful for a husband that likes to cook!

Feet are up, winding down, and looking forward to a better nights sleep.  Bring on day 2!!!