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Monday, April 19, 2010

Trash Day

I'm generally not one to go dumpster diving ~ that is just a nasty thought. I don't even troll the streets on trash day. I DO however, keep my eye out for treasures, when I am out and about on trash day. I feel like I've hit the jackpot twice now. The first was a wash stand in surprisingly good condition. It's door needed a bit of work and was missing a towel rack. I asked the owner if they were sure that they wanted to "trash" this and they said yes. I've never run so fast to get my van as I did that day. The next time I spoke with my folks, I mentioned my find and they were happy for me too. These wash stands, when in good condition, sell for close to $500.00 or more. My folks paid to have it stripped for me, bought the towel rack, and Dad built a door with oak lumber he had (all that was a Christmas gift, a VERY nice Christmas present). All I needed to do was stain and poly urethane it. Woo Hoo for me!! So here it is, all decked out for Christmas (is that fitting or what?).
So, today as we were taking Thing One to speech, on a trash day, I "see" a mini green house on a metal stand. Looks kind of cool, but don't have time to worry about it. On the way back it's still there. I decide that we'll leave a few minutes early (to pick Thing One up) and see if it's still there. It was, and true to form, I ask if I can take it. I just don't like taking things, even if it is at the curb, without asking. The neighbor said yes and said she was hoping some would. So, after cleaning it up a bit, sanding a bit, and painting it (all of which I had and it still may need another coat) it sits with by basil in it, in the one spot that great afternoon sun. There wasn't much difference between the before and after pictures so I'll just post the after.

Oh! Even better is that there were four little terra cotta pots in it that I can use for something. It's been a good day!!

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