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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reflections of a week gone by!

It's been a week since I have written. That is 7 days or 168 hours or 10,080 minutes or 604,800 seconds. Feels like it has been a very long week. Here's our run down:
  1. Finished testing last Wednesday
  2. mailed off test and box tops (Wednesday or Thursday, I've already forgotten which)
  3. Thursday we had field day with our co-op
  4. Kid participated in 3-legged race at said field day and badly sprained his ankle
  5. Friday morning, woke up to kid not able to put weight on ankle
  6. Got one kid ready for Boy Scout Camping Friday - Sunday
  7. made doctor's appointment for other kid
  8. spent 5 hours at various doctor's for kids ankle
  9. Saturday felt like a blur, but yard work was done
  10. Sunday equaled church, hanging out, picking kid up, errands, yardwork
  11. Monday bit more yard work, selling used curriculum, junk food, laundry, and vegging
  12. Today - back to the same routine of therapy and starting some summer routines, meaning library time.
Hope to find our summer routine soon!  We're in need of routine after the school year, just a more relaxed one with more fun built in.

What does your summer look like?  What fun do you have planned?

Monday, May 20, 2013


We are beginning our testing this week. Praying for peace, focus, and clarity.  Not sure how much blogging or facebooking I will get to this week.

See you after school is out!!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Funny Friday

Sometimes in life, humor comes in different ways. Today, it was the stacking of Costco sized food portions (all things that we'll PLOW through) that made me chuckle a bit.  I realized we have a teen who is burning calories like crazy and a 10yo who is playing a lot of baseball and hitting a growth spurt. I am thankful we are able to buy things to eat.
And one more photo, just because they asked me to snap a picture.  Please look over the graininess of the photo (I really need to start figuring out how to take good photos consistently!)
Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Confussion, 6 Days, & Rocks

How do all these things fit together?  There is some logic to all of this.

Right off the bat, I am a bit confused. Today totally feels like a Friday, not a Thursday. That's okay! I'll take a Friday feel on a Thursday. Even thought we only had 5 days left in school (excluding the current day), but alas, it is six.

In those 6 days (plus the weekend for some things) we will have finished test prep, testing, more baseball, more scouting stuff, regular house stuff, a used curriculum sale, trip or two to the post office, creating summer packets (fun, summer structured stuff), and figured out life through first part of July.

Are you wondering about the rocks now?  Is it intriguing? So many directions I could go with this.  One, I have awesome neighbors that just landscaped their yard.  The let me have some of the "old" rocks that were not integrated into the "new" design.  Sweet!  Sure beats paying for rocks (people really do this?  I do too!!) or traipsing through the woods to find them.  Or the second idea, which is the one I am really meaning, is geared more to the bible.  Joshua 4:4-7 talks about the stacking of stones to remember crossing the Jordan River and the Israelites escaping Egypt.  The stacking of stones, or Inuksuk, have been used in Artic regions as a cultural meaning as well.  They are used for various landmarks and more can be read here.

Stacking stones has been running through my head lately.  Do we take time to remember and document the triumphs we experience?  More than just the birthdays or learning to walk or graduations or learning to drive?  Do we take the time to remember how God provided when we journeyed through something difficult?  Do we journal it to remember?  Do we place stones down so that our ancestors can see the faithfulness of God in our lives?

I am desiring to do more of that.  To take time to recall those things, to be reminded, to be thankful, to be able to easily remember them.  My head knows God is faithful; my heart needs to feel it and my eyes see it through these events.  Time to pray and ask how my stone towers will look and how to pass those memories on to my family and friends!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

School Year End . . .

is fast approaching!  Just a mere ten days, not including the weekend ~ otherwise it would be 12.

Hard to believe it is this close to being finished.  Hard to believe we have made it 170 days!  Hard to believe we didn't loose any school days.  Hard to believe we are just about to finish our sixth year schooling at home.  Hard to believe I started this blog about 5 years ago to help gather math data for a graph.

As I am looking toward the end, I start to worry.  I start to wonder.  I start to panic a bit.  I start to get nervous if the boys have acquired enough knowledge to do well on their test.

In this frenzy tonight, I heard God speak to me.  Not so much an audible voice, but a scripture.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;
Fools despise wisdom and instruction.  Psalm 1:7

Many passages came up, speaking to "do not fear" and they were consistently speaking to things other than the Lord.

This was quite comforting!  By fearing Him (read a very healthy respect for what He is capable of doing) and learning about what He has to say, we have no fear.

My spirit is beginning to slow down!  My sights return to things above. Now, it's off to bed.  Sleep is one aspect of a good day.  Hope I can sleep through!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Building a Dream House!

What would be on your dream list if you could build from the ground up and not worry about the money?  Seriously, what would be in it?

Would you go over the top with gold plated and diamonds?  Or would it be practical and really nice to have? 

I'd fall into the second group, nice and practical, but not over the top.

Basics, right off the cuff, of what I'd want:
  • kitchen where multiple people can be at one time cooking
  • bath bit larger to have some counter space (with sink not near outlet)
  • real sized garage (we're not driving Smart for Two cars folks!!!)
  • lot that doesn't have a major hill, but does slop away from the house for good drainage
  • parking for family and friends
  • yard for playing ball
That is pretty good for off the cuff.  If we were to actually move and have a list of requirements there would be a whole lot more on that list, but think I'll build that into my dream home.

My list is a work in progress!  I'll tweak and add more ideas as I stubble upon them.  I know the reality is that I may never see all of these in one house, but I can dream!  So here goes the list:

  • island with outlet
  • peninsula if possible
  • closet pantry
  • two ovens
  • separate cook top
  • one sink (not double)
  • minimal blind cabinets
  • a corner cabinet like this one if a blind cabinet can't be avoided
  • room to have an eat in area
  • places to store onions and potatoes like this (click on link and select the first small photo) or this
  • built in book shelves for cookbooks
  • good storage fore cookie tins, bread pans, etc. like this or this
  • under cabinet lighting
  • pendant light over sink
  • breakfast bar
  • outlet for small, rechargeable vacuum
  • automatic light switch
  • adjustable shelves
  • area for large items (especially if you grind your own grain)
  • places to park kitchen equipment you don't need on counter ALL THE TIME, but still need easy access
  • lazy susans in the corners
  • freezer
  • second fridge ~ maybe and with filtered water!
  • access to garage
  • locker cubby type things, one for each person and one for dog stuff
  • washer & dryer on pedestals
  • shelf just over top of washer and dryer so nothing falls behind
  • cabinet or shelves above for laundry soaps and such
  • place to wash the dog
  • place for guest to put their coats, purses or whatever
  • wide enough to have two current cars in it, be able to open the door of one with out denting the other or dinging a wall.  
  • would be nice to have some storage in garage
  • have an area to take off sport or work shoes (less tracking in of dirt and grass)
  • ball corral
  • sports equipment corral
  • speakers through out the entertaining areas of house (inside and out)
  • logical places to charge phones, pads, pods, computers, kindles, etc.
  • if there is a fireplace, outlet near mantel for Christmas Village.  Possibly one at each end.
  • certain outlets, designated for Christmas Window Candles.  How cool to be able to flip one switch and get them all on
  • depending if there is a walkout basement and doors off kitchen and family room, having back door lights all turn on by any of the door switches
  • plan ahead where TVs MIGHT be so that cable (or whatever) can be run ahead of time
  • where is wifi going to be located?  Pre-wiring for that too?
  • outlets that make sense in the bedroom ~  think about where beds are going and are there enough outlets there for two people (two lamps, two clocks, double whatever else!)
  • two zone totally!  
  • duct work taped at all joints
  • put water heater more centrally located ~ if possible ~ so less wasted cold water while waiting for hot water to make it to the tap or shower
  • piping insulated
  • water heater insulated
  • when a door is slammed (leading outdoors or to bedroom or to bathroom) whole house should not shake
  • built in book cases with window seat (somewhere ~ living room or study)
  • fireplace that doesn't take up to much space, but throws out a good amount of heat
  • just large enough that we don't trip over each other while getting ready for the day
  • sitting area/room (that could be turned into a bedroom if necessary) so that you can read and not wake spouse up 
  • regardless if it has a window, have an exhaust fan strong enough for the size of the room
  • in master bath, have a "water closet" with window and exhaust
  • place for a garden without mature trees to close
  • place for kids to run, jump, throw, be kids
  • place for dog to run
  • fire pit
  • flower gardens
  • herb garden
  • swing
  • porch
  • hot and cold spigot near garage to wash cars
Do you care to join in?  Want to leave any additions of what you'd want?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Husbands are . .

. . . . what to you? A blessing, a friend, a lover, a soul mate, or some other thing when you just don't get along.

I have learned in the sixteen years that Kevin and I have been married that it isn't always easy to be married.  Some days it is just plan hard to be around each other.  It is those days that I am truly thankful that we made covenant before God, a promise to love one another through thick and thin.

Other days, it is just easy.  We just seem to be drawn to one another, like old times when it was all new!   Today I was struck by a few things that seem to make me thankful and glad we can stick out the rough patches.

I am thankful for:
  • him not worried about the egg shells drying on the counter top (great source of calcium for plants and helps to keep the slugs away)
  • celery drying on a plate
  • making dinner when I'd just rather sit and veg
  • a promise to gas up the van, so my day tomorrow is easier
  • understanding that our son is so much like me, he has a better understanding of him
Love you honey!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, May 3, 2013

My Summer Reading

Summer vacation is officially three weeks away (after school today). Three weeks until leisurely mornings, books, pool, visiting family, water parks, water balloon fights, slip and slides, popsicles, fire flies, camp, fresh homegrown veggies, and on it goes.

Not sure what all will get on my list for my summer reading list, but am thinking I'll get to:
  • more Nicholas Sparks' books until they become to predictable
  • Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • Siri Mitchell's books, a recommendation from a friend
  • some of the boys books, along with them (we love our audiobooks and read alouds!)
Leave me a comment if there is anything you've loved reading.   Not looking for long books like Les Miserable (read the 1,000 page one for a college class).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


tr.v. dis·cour·aged, dis·cour·ag·ing, dis·cour·ag·es
1. To deprive of confidence, hope, or spirit.
2. To hamper by discouraging; deter.
3. To try to prevent by expressing disapproval or raising objections.
That has been a frequent feeling for me lately.  Feeling discouraged over a number of things!

I've been making bread, at home, since just before Christmas.  The last two batches have been just slightly better than hockey pucks.  My family has been gracious, not saying anything or telling me that it is still better than store bought.  Honestly, I find that hard to believe!  :)  Will be trying again, today and hoping for a better yield!

Discouraged over the progress, in therapy, for our oldest.  Although there are some visible, measurable progress, there are still so many areas that just can not be measured easily.  It's hard to walk this path and not see progress, even the small, baby steps!

At times, in life, it is hard to not take things personally.  Well at least for me!  I've been stepping out in faith and helping to lead a Ladies Bible Study on Sunday mornings.  When some of the regulars miss a week, I wonder if I've done or said something wrong.  Without verbal confirmation, I know this is Satan messing with my head, but it is still hard to work through, manage, and get my heart back on track.
Another area of discouragement for me lately, is this blog.  I have often wondered recently, if I ought to "close shop", so to speak.  I know there isn't a common theme to mine, which makes it hard to follow.  The idea of having one, that is worthy of being followed seems/feels like to much work to me.  And really, aren't there already a bazillion blogs on "Do it yourself" or "home schooling" or "get off the grid/all home made" or "spiritual journey"?  Who wants another one to read and comment on?  I'm not sure if I will actually shut this one down, but I have been seriously considering it, just to take one more thing off my plate.  The only draw back, is that once in a blue moon, I am struck with such a great topic to write about and think it would be wonderful for folks to read (then I get one view and probably from my husband!).

So, even looking at the first definition of discourage ~ to deprive of confidence, hope, or spirit ~ I know where the opposite of these come from.  They come from trusting in the Lord, through the good and the bad!  Many scriptures run through my head and heart, when I finally slow down to listen. 

Psalm 71:4-6
New American Standard Bible (NASB)
Rescue me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked,
Out of the [a]grasp of the wrongdoer and ruthless man,
For You are my hope;
O Lord [b]God, You are my confidence from my youth.

[c]By You I have been sustained from my birth;
You are He who took me from my mother’s womb;
My praise is continually [d]of You. 

If you can take a look at Psalm 136 (click on the link to go to Bible Gateway), the theme there is that HIS loving kindness is everlasting.  
Once again, I am reminded to ~ Keep your eyes on Him and His truths and His word for it "is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path." (Psalm 119:105). 

All this to say, God will comfort you and me, He does not seek to have us discouraged, but to follow after Him, to lean into Him and not our own understanding (paraphrase of Proverbs 3:5).  Today, I will slow my human thoughts, lean into His instead!