pinterest-dd591.htm Oak Creek Academy: September 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

School Lunches today . . .

At Kevin's suggestion, while at Costco the other day, we picked up a four pack of pizza crust and sauce for each.  Today, I surprised the boys with pizza for lunch.  Usually, if we have pizza for lunch it's on an english muffin or soft taco shell.  They were very happy about it today.  This got Thing One talking about how he'd have pizza for lunch, on Fridays, when he was at the public school for K and 1st.  The one I made, though not home made, was still way better than I remember from being in public school (I spent all but two years attending a Fairfax Co. Public School and we're still in the same county).  The one thing I missed today was having a chocolate eclair after the pizza; I would usually by a slice of pizza and one of those just about every Friday.  Ah, fuzzy wonderful memories from so long ago.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chore Sticks

A few days ago I read this blog post about chore sticks and thought it might me helpful in our household.  So today, I began painting away.

 Painted 8 of blue (for Thing One), green (for Thing Two),
and orange (for household chores).

 Began labeling the sticks, for the boys, with regular chores and
individual school subjects.  Some of these include things like:
~ make bed
~ pick up dirty clothes and put down chute
~ strip sheets and put down chute
~ make bed with clean sheets
~ math
~ grammar

The orange sticks have household chores and group
subjects.  Here are some:
~ empty silverware
~ empty plastic ware
~ empty recyclables
~ empty trash can

 Here are a bunch of them.

 For the sake of getting a blog post up, I used a can to hold the
sticks.  I still may end up using a can or three, but with paper around it.
If I use three, one for Thing One, one for 
Thing Two, and one for school related stuff.
Anyway, put the sticks in, colored side down.  When they are sent off to
do chores or school, they'll pick their sticks and work through them.

When the chore is complete, it can be put back into the can
with the color side up.  They should keep working until all chores
and subjects have been completed and colored end is up.

I will probably end up making more sticks and going over the pen with a fine point felt pen (which I didn't have today). 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Fall

I am a fall person, by nature.  The cooler temperatures, the vibrant colors of leaves, the crunch of those leaves already fallen, the need for a sweat shirt or fleece jacket, or a cup of hot tea, all make the world feel right with me.

During this fall season, am really hoping to get out back more.  No, I do not mean out back to Australia or Outback the resturuant (that would be good too, though), but out and into our backyard.  One of the greatest benefits of our house is that it backs up to many acres of park land and paved foot paths.  Then there are the heavily wooden neighborhood areas that connect the various park lands together.  It's been enjoyable getting out and looking around the various paths and taking one we haven't explored before.  Our dog, Charlotte, has been having a ball with it as well.  Her nose has been going crazy when we go for walks.

Well, now after about 8 days of mostly overcast and some rain, I'm looking forward to the sun and getting out.  It's time to load up the backpacks with water bottles, pencils, art pads, nature journals, camera, and hit the trails.  Maybe even a a picnic blanket and snack. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A few days late . . .

in posting pictures of our new school wall.  I really like how it turned out and thankful I finally made the time to work on it.  There's room I may add a few other things, but for now, it's fine.

 Our framed metal board which still has "Happy Birthday Dad"
in plastic magnetic letters.  A picture of Miss C Dog, our school mascot.
The pink picture has a school then and now drawn on it.

 Class pictures; this year we have 6th grade and 3rd grade.
Wooden frame that I'll change out sign, periodically,
for the season.  For now, it is "IN OUR HOUSE".

Close up of letters with wooden button covering the screw,
which the wire wrapped around.  The letters are held on with
mini clothes pins.

The boys wanted a school picture this year.  These are the
sweat shirts I made for them a couple Christmas' ago.  Oldest
has almost out grown his.

Hoping to find a new way of displaying our maps.  These may just lean against this wall.  Lots to ponder!

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn Change

Fall is beginning to hit the air; weather is cooler, a few leaves have gone to loose their color.  Seeing folks posting on facebook about their favorite fall flavored coffee at Starbucks or donuts.  Probably the most tell tale sign is that Christmas stuff is out, in force, at just about every store known to man (ugh).

I hope to get to decorating for fall today or tomorrow.  Boys will love seeing Mr. Pumpkinhead on the stoop again.  Wouldn't it be a hoot to get it all out while their sleeping.  Might happen, might not.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Part Two

A birthday celebration!!
Frame for Kevin that says "me and the boys"
It still needs a photo though, of the three of them!

Round brownie instead of cake!  We had cake
on Saturday with his parents!

Yummy!  Brownie, homemade vanilla ice cream, and
homemade hot fudge sauce

Happy Labor Day!

and Happy Birthday to my husband, Kevin Brock!  He's enjoying a federal holiday coinciding with his birthday.  Nothing like sleeping in, morning nap, walk through the woods with the family, and vegging while watching baseball on your birthday.  At least for him, it seems like a good day!

For me, I've finally felt a bit productive around the house.  Yea!  Lots of little things are getting done.  So far:
  • helped the boys through a worksheet (or 3) of math
  • made templates for cork board and metal board to be hung
  • alphabet is almost hung ~ stopped halfway through to take a walk with the family
  • cleaned the kitchen some
  • got laundry started later than I wanted, but finished earlier than usual ~ go figure.
  • finally figured out that the washing machine takes about 50 minutes for the normal wash cycle; WILL use the microwave timer now to help me keep track
Still on tape, at least for me:
  • hang the second half of the alphabet
  • make brownies
  • make corn bread
  • hot glue some buttons on screws
  • not sure what else
  • make some school related things