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Monday, April 12, 2010

The End Must Be Near!

It has to be near. It must be near!! Please let it be near!!!! What is IT? The end of the school year. And it has to be near because I just ordered our year-end tests for both boys. We've been using the Iowa's Test of Basic Skills (think I got that right) for the last few years and plan to do the same this year. Their prices are about the same as some of the other well known tests, I like how detailed the test results are, I'm able to test at home, which is a good thing for our boys to not have it rushed, and it's nice to be able to compare one year to the next.

So we're wrapping up 4th grade and 1st grade in the coming weeks, reviewing for a week, testing for a week (and mail out), and the next day vacation begins. So looking forward to a few weeks off before we begin our summer school session for both boys.

Where are the clapping and hopping smilely faces when you need them???

P.S. And in true Home School fashion, I am creating a wish list of things on Rainbow Resources and am dreaming of what next year might be like.

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  1. You are so lucky to live in a state that lets you test at home with your own kids! I have chosen to not test my kids this year..we are doing the portfolio option. I am nearly done with those and will be sighing some relieve when they are out the door!