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Friday, April 23, 2010


n. - a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation, as for gifts or favors.

Have you ever thought of listing the things you are grateful for? I was pondering this on the way to co-op yesterday and found a number of things. It continued as I cleaned up the kitchen. Here's the things I have found:
  1. guys that work for landscaping companies and keep common area's looking nice
  2. the American flag and all the folks that have died for our freedom
  3. the snow emergency signs along the road that reminded me of the police and fire and rescue departments that serve us as well
  4. traffic laws, that are followed somewhat, that help to keep us safe
  5. a church where we are able to worship God freely
  6. a co-op where my children learn various subjects and the bible is tied into lessons freely
  7. a vehicle that runs
  8. a mechanic that helps to keep my vehicle running
  9. a beautiful day
  10. sleep (really appreciated after a night of bad sleep)
  11. dishes that need to be unloaded from the dishwasher
  12. dirty dishes that need to be loaded into the dishwasher
  13. counter tops that need to be cleaned
  14. the capability to wash dishes by hand
  15. having enough physical stamina to stand while hand washing dishes
  16. clean towels to dry those dishes
  17. a freezer full of food that I have to dig through in order to find what we're having for dinner
  18. cool weather
  19. a computer that enables me to keep in touch with friends
  20. our home study is moving along ~ we're just waiting on a couple letters of reference to be turned in, then we're almost finished with that step
  21. friends who want the best for you, enough to "call you on the mat" when needed
  22. friends that have kids my kids ages and they get along!
  23. coupons to my favorite stores (Joann's and Micheal's)
  24. ability to launder sheets and clothes at home
  25. friends that make me laugh
  26. a child that tends to be quiet
  27. a child that tends to be "all boy"
  28. a husband taking off training wheels

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