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Friday, April 30, 2010

File this under GROSS!

I happened to notice the other day, that our room purifier was dirty, so it didn't get run. Wow, I woke up feeling a bit icky. Was taking ours apart to clean the filters and figured I should do the boys as well. Wowsers! Just look at the before and after pictures of the boys front filter. The title makes perfect sense then.

and very gross. Some had
fallen off while I brought it downstairs.

a good vacuum and quick
hand wash with some soap.
It looks loads better!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

8, Eight, Ocho

is the number of days I can blog straight before missing a day.

Yesterday got away from me. Had a few ideas running through my head, but some where topics that would have potentially stepped on the toes of others. Topics not even related to religion or politics! Go figure! Pick a topic, pick a side, talk about it (even well supported and nicely put), and someone will bound to be offended.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Many things seem or appear noble at first. The more one delves into a particular subject, thought, book, idea, etc., one may find the truth about said subject, thought, book, idea, etc. The truth will be good or be bad.

So goes trying to blog for an unknown amount of days in a row. How does one find enough interesting things to write about?

This blog was originally set up, a couple years ago, as way to gather information for Thing One's math. He was working on a lot of graphs and as blogger allows polls, it seemed like a great way to get a lot of input. I've continued to use this as an outlet for school related things, craft's I've completed, and general musing. Do you ever wonder if you just stop doing something, if anyone would ever notice? Would that thing really be missed? There are times I wonder if this blog would be missed. I'm sure Kevin would miss it, he's mentioned he's used it for catching up on the school days before. I know his dad reads it from time to time as well, to check up on his grandsons.

At this point, it's sort of a running, open book diary, of the random thoughts going through my head that I don't mind sharing. Some things in life are best left unsaid, not to mention not put onto "paper". So, if you've read something on my blog about our family, chances are really good that it's something I probably would have shared with you if we were catching up in person.

If you've been reading daily, you're more than welcome to come back again, at some point tomorrow. I might just keep up a blog a day.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Our house is full of music. Not to surprising being married to Kevin. While we were dating, he had over a thousand CD's. In the 15 years that we've been together, the quantity has changed a great deal, it's gone down and up again. We should probably pare down again, but that is one thing that just seems to be put on the back burner.

All this to say, that my mind works in funny ways. I was checking e-mail this morning. Netflix had received the movies we returned. This made me think that I wanted to check my que. Of course I started reading the numerous reviews of "All Creatures Great and Small" ~ a favorite BBC production I've thoroughly enjoyed for a number of years (my dad was stationed in England and I remember watching it with my folks in the late 1980's and early 1990's). Well, the title gets me thinking of "All Creatures of Our God and King" by David Crowder. Knowing I have it on Itunes, I "pop" over there, sort by song, and hit play.

What a culture shock to hear Pat Benatar when David Crowder was over. Went back, sorted by Artist and hit play again. Much easier transition between songs now.

Back to the morning routine now. Happy Monday everyone.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Slow . . .

is my word for the day.


Every aspect of today has felt slow for any number of reasons. It's dreary kind of day. Gray and overcast, humid because it won't seem to rain. Slow because the Advil PM I took last night, to help me sleep and deal with joint pain, hasn't worn off. Our house is running out of my favorite coffee (even though I'm the only one drinking it ~ so what does that say about me? Okay maybe on another day I'll address that!); okay I broke down and made another pot. Moving slow, because my aging body does not seem to heal from some unknown twist of one knee and a strained calf on the other leg. I've got the limping down well.

So, I sit, wishing I brought my fresh cup of coffee with me to where my computer is plugged in. Wishing the rain would come so my joints would feel some relief. Wishing for some energy to plan some academic review for the boys. Wishing for a good nap this afternoon.

Off to gather some up my coffee, create a new Genius play list, and possibly clean my crafting area.

Have a blessed Sunday friends.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 7

Of writing a blog post a day. Had originally been thinking a might find a comic from this morning paper that seemed humorous to me, but plans change.

From our living room window, we see the sun rise on non-cloudy days. It was an array of beautiful pinks and yellows through the trees. The birds have been singing up a storm. By the time I grabbed the camera and headed out it was mostly golden colors. Got a few shots in and a short video (which I inadvertently deleted). The funny part to all of this is that it started to sprinkle not long after I got back inside. So, no do over on the video. Birds are quite as vocal as about 1/2 hour ago. You want to know what though? It's still another day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice in that.

Friday, April 23, 2010


n. - a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation, as for gifts or favors.

Have you ever thought of listing the things you are grateful for? I was pondering this on the way to co-op yesterday and found a number of things. It continued as I cleaned up the kitchen. Here's the things I have found:
  1. guys that work for landscaping companies and keep common area's looking nice
  2. the American flag and all the folks that have died for our freedom
  3. the snow emergency signs along the road that reminded me of the police and fire and rescue departments that serve us as well
  4. traffic laws, that are followed somewhat, that help to keep us safe
  5. a church where we are able to worship God freely
  6. a co-op where my children learn various subjects and the bible is tied into lessons freely
  7. a vehicle that runs
  8. a mechanic that helps to keep my vehicle running
  9. a beautiful day
  10. sleep (really appreciated after a night of bad sleep)
  11. dishes that need to be unloaded from the dishwasher
  12. dirty dishes that need to be loaded into the dishwasher
  13. counter tops that need to be cleaned
  14. the capability to wash dishes by hand
  15. having enough physical stamina to stand while hand washing dishes
  16. clean towels to dry those dishes
  17. a freezer full of food that I have to dig through in order to find what we're having for dinner
  18. cool weather
  19. a computer that enables me to keep in touch with friends
  20. our home study is moving along ~ we're just waiting on a couple letters of reference to be turned in, then we're almost finished with that step
  21. friends who want the best for you, enough to "call you on the mat" when needed
  22. friends that have kids my kids ages and they get along!
  23. coupons to my favorite stores (Joann's and Micheal's)
  24. ability to launder sheets and clothes at home
  25. friends that make me laugh
  26. a child that tends to be quiet
  27. a child that tends to be "all boy"
  28. a husband taking off training wheels

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

Really? We need a day to focus the earth!?! From a biblical world view, it just seems insane that man would create a day to for this. Whatever happened to Gensis 2:15 "The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it." or Psalms 24:1 "The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it".

We should be able to rejoice in it's beauty and be responsible at the same time. Yes, as a people group, we are becoming more aware of how our actions effect the earth and that what we put into &/or on it will have some sort of cost. If we dump garbage, oils, fertilizers, medicines, etc. into or near the waterways then there will be consequences. There will be a higher cost to making said water safe for us let alone what it does to the various types of fish we eat.

Why not remember, each and every day, that what goes around comes around? Take care of your property and the planet and it will be a healthier place to live. If you choose to dump junk where ever, realize that you are not just harming yourself, but those around you today and for generations to come.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's growing at your house?

This isn't meant to be a loaded question or anything. Or to ask about the things forgotten in your fridge. Just a simple Spring question about what you like to grow ~ flowers, veggies, etc. Here's a look around our house:

Red Geraniums! This will be taken to the
back patio at some point. Behind them, you can
see the daffodils that are past their prime!

The first yellow flower on one of my tomato plants.
I'm growing them on the deck, this year, in plastic tubs.
I'd planted them so many times around the patio,
that the tomatoes just weren't doing well. Hoping
that new soil will do the trick.

A mixture of flowers, in hanging baskets. I'm hoping
that the hummingbirds will like them. That's why the geraniums
need to come out back, the birds are attracted to red and I plan
to hang a feeder off the deck as well.

A volunteer pansy from last year. I've taken a few seeds
from the yellow and white ones, out front, and added them
to the baskets that are attached to the deck.

We planted corn this year. Here, a couple have begun
to sprout. It would be great to be able to grow
a few ears of corn.

Another new item for us this year, pumpkins.

This is my second year trying to grow basil from seed.
Here's hoping I can grow some!

This house wouldn't be complete with out
two growing boys!! Think they've both grown a couple
inches just this year!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This may not

be a new concept for some, but wondered how long I could keep blogging, writing a post each day. Today has just been just one of those LONG feeling days. Only interesting thing here is that I've finally bought my first canister of Nuttela. I've read it's praises over on the Five in a Row boards many times, but just never got to buying it. Now, I contemplate what I have at home that would be good to have it on. May just go get a spoon and eat it right out of the jar.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Trash Day

I'm generally not one to go dumpster diving ~ that is just a nasty thought. I don't even troll the streets on trash day. I DO however, keep my eye out for treasures, when I am out and about on trash day. I feel like I've hit the jackpot twice now. The first was a wash stand in surprisingly good condition. It's door needed a bit of work and was missing a towel rack. I asked the owner if they were sure that they wanted to "trash" this and they said yes. I've never run so fast to get my van as I did that day. The next time I spoke with my folks, I mentioned my find and they were happy for me too. These wash stands, when in good condition, sell for close to $500.00 or more. My folks paid to have it stripped for me, bought the towel rack, and Dad built a door with oak lumber he had (all that was a Christmas gift, a VERY nice Christmas present). All I needed to do was stain and poly urethane it. Woo Hoo for me!! So here it is, all decked out for Christmas (is that fitting or what?).
So, today as we were taking Thing One to speech, on a trash day, I "see" a mini green house on a metal stand. Looks kind of cool, but don't have time to worry about it. On the way back it's still there. I decide that we'll leave a few minutes early (to pick Thing One up) and see if it's still there. It was, and true to form, I ask if I can take it. I just don't like taking things, even if it is at the curb, without asking. The neighbor said yes and said she was hoping some would. So, after cleaning it up a bit, sanding a bit, and painting it (all of which I had and it still may need another coat) it sits with by basil in it, in the one spot that great afternoon sun. There wasn't much difference between the before and after pictures so I'll just post the after.

Oh! Even better is that there were four little terra cotta pots in it that I can use for something. It's been a good day!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


We've got aquatic friends again! Two in fact. Two unnamed frogs. Not sure they'll ever be named, but the boys are happy to have pets again. We haven't raised these from tadpoles, but these are still small.

Here's a video of them. One is more active than the other. Two disclaimers first: 1. Turn down or off your speakers, I had my music on loud when I recorded the frogs and 2. I could not figure out how to rotate the video with out upgrading the software, so you may end up with a stiff neck. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paper work is wrapping up!

In an envelope similar to this one, the last of the paper work and final check for the Home Study went out today. Wouldn't have thought it would take two months, approximately, just to get the paperwork together and mailed off. Kevin mentioned that he was able to get the training certificates emailed off this afternoon. That leaves, I believe, one reference letter to be mailed in and our autobiographies which we hope to email in tonight or tomorrow.

I can feel my heart pounding a bit harder today, as I think how things are coming together. To think that the Home Study could be finished in the near future and that will begin the adoption process shortly there after. It could be as early as 3 months after that, that we have an infant in our house. Wow!! Here come the sleepless nights and diapers all over again!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The End Must Be Near!

It has to be near. It must be near!! Please let it be near!!!! What is IT? The end of the school year. And it has to be near because I just ordered our year-end tests for both boys. We've been using the Iowa's Test of Basic Skills (think I got that right) for the last few years and plan to do the same this year. Their prices are about the same as some of the other well known tests, I like how detailed the test results are, I'm able to test at home, which is a good thing for our boys to not have it rushed, and it's nice to be able to compare one year to the next.

So we're wrapping up 4th grade and 1st grade in the coming weeks, reviewing for a week, testing for a week (and mail out), and the next day vacation begins. So looking forward to a few weeks off before we begin our summer school session for both boys.

Where are the clapping and hopping smilely faces when you need them???

P.S. And in true Home School fashion, I am creating a wish list of things on Rainbow Resources and am dreaming of what next year might be like.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's a new week

for school; I'm trying to plan. Feels a bit difficult after a pretty weekend and a relaxed Sunday. In the long run, it's easier to do now than Monday morning. Thing one is still working in "Boxcar Children" and Thing Two will be reading "Gramma's Walk". We've been continuing Math U See and the boys have enjoyed Mystery of History.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No News Is Good News

And so it is at our house! School has been moving along steadily. Boys and I are ready for the year to be over. Think we hit the 180 days May 20 or May 21! Don't remember if we've had a hookie day or not, hence the difference of two different days.

In adoption related news, things are moving along steadily as well. We have 1 more class to take over the internet, two letters of references need to be mailed in, and our autobiographies need to be wrapped up. There's hope that we'll be able to get most of this in by next Wednesday and in the near future we can start our meetings with the Social Worker. We'll then begin the paperwork for the actual adoption and the waiting process for placement.

In the mean time, no news is good news!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Belated Thank You!

Have been 40 for just over a week. Don't notice any major changes in life and that is just fine by me. Did want to take a few moments to show a few things I received on my birthday and to express a big thank you!!
A dear friend of my brought over a pot of Pansey's.
She knows how I enjoy them! Then we went for coffee
and shopping.

While out, we went by the PX (her husband is in
the Air Force). I picked up a Vera Bradley Tote Bag with
birthday money I'd received from both sets of parents.
I'll use it as a "diaper bag" too, after the adoption goes through.

A gold charm holder for a necklace.
I'd been wanting one and Kevin bought this
for me!

My very own, Thing Two Action Figure!
Don't you wish you had one also?

"While You Where Sleeping"
A favorite Sandra Bullock movie of mine.

Am I officially a Home School Geek? I keep
asking for "teacher manuals" for birthday or Christmas
and getting them!! I also ask for book cases! LOL

Yummy!! The day ended with
Angle Food Cake and Chocolate Mouse!!