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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Many things seem or appear noble at first. The more one delves into a particular subject, thought, book, idea, etc., one may find the truth about said subject, thought, book, idea, etc. The truth will be good or be bad.

So goes trying to blog for an unknown amount of days in a row. How does one find enough interesting things to write about?

This blog was originally set up, a couple years ago, as way to gather information for Thing One's math. He was working on a lot of graphs and as blogger allows polls, it seemed like a great way to get a lot of input. I've continued to use this as an outlet for school related things, craft's I've completed, and general musing. Do you ever wonder if you just stop doing something, if anyone would ever notice? Would that thing really be missed? There are times I wonder if this blog would be missed. I'm sure Kevin would miss it, he's mentioned he's used it for catching up on the school days before. I know his dad reads it from time to time as well, to check up on his grandsons.

At this point, it's sort of a running, open book diary, of the random thoughts going through my head that I don't mind sharing. Some things in life are best left unsaid, not to mention not put onto "paper". So, if you've read something on my blog about our family, chances are really good that it's something I probably would have shared with you if we were catching up in person.

If you've been reading daily, you're more than welcome to come back again, at some point tomorrow. I might just keep up a blog a day.

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