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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Slow . . .

is my word for the day.


Every aspect of today has felt slow for any number of reasons. It's dreary kind of day. Gray and overcast, humid because it won't seem to rain. Slow because the Advil PM I took last night, to help me sleep and deal with joint pain, hasn't worn off. Our house is running out of my favorite coffee (even though I'm the only one drinking it ~ so what does that say about me? Okay maybe on another day I'll address that!); okay I broke down and made another pot. Moving slow, because my aging body does not seem to heal from some unknown twist of one knee and a strained calf on the other leg. I've got the limping down well.

So, I sit, wishing I brought my fresh cup of coffee with me to where my computer is plugged in. Wishing the rain would come so my joints would feel some relief. Wishing for some energy to plan some academic review for the boys. Wishing for a good nap this afternoon.

Off to gather some up my coffee, create a new Genius play list, and possibly clean my crafting area.

Have a blessed Sunday friends.

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