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Friday, September 4, 2009

End of the week

It's been a long week here. We had our usual school to attend to, laundry, dishes, shopping, etc. In addition to the "normal" stuff we also had my van scheduled to be repainted. Cars and cart corals do get along to well when you make a short turn into an empty spot near the coral. That was scheduled for this week because I was scheduled to have my gall bladder removed on Wednesday (that did happen, I have for incisions on my belly to show it). Kevin and I figured having only one car available would be alright this week.

On a sadder side, a friend's, from the Five in a Row boards, 2 year old died this past evening as a result of a car accident. One of those situations where a toddler gets a way all to quickly and wasn't seen by the driver. It's a tragedy that just grips your heart, especially if you have had young children, you know how quickly they can wander away when you believe they are safe.

Today, we wrapped up Gullywashers with a science lesson on reflection and Who Owns the Sun with a science lesson on simple levers. The boys had a lot of fun, going around the house figuring out both, with their dad. Here a few pictures of the fun.

Thing Two demonstrating how golf can have simple levers in the game.

Thing One demonstrating reflection with a mirror
(second photo is of him being silly).

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