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Friday, September 25, 2009

Button kind of day!!

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons!! There are tons of them in this house and not all of them are on our clothing either. I've bought canisters of spare buttons and I've acquired buttons.

Today, I had a short burst of crafting, with, you guessed it buttons. First was in the basement, hanging three mirrors in our new bathroom. They were hung on nails with big heads (think that is the right term) so that buttons could be hot glued on. Here are some photo's of the finished product ~

The color of the ribbons are pretty, but should I change my mind, I've got ribbon to match the larger mirror.

This is a bookmark made out of ribbon. The ribbon was thread through the holes, looped over, then through the second set of button holes on each button (yes these are two buttons - a purple round one and a wavy edged, white heart). There is another set of buttons at the other end of the ribbon. My little bible cover is brown and a light purple color, so this matches nicely.

That's it for crafting today. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Very Nice. I am inspired by Sheri, too. Keep it up. I love the mirrors. They look great and the buttons were perfect to hide the nails.