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Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy School Day

We have gotten a lot of school type things accomplished today. Some of it book related, some of it nature related, and now Thing Two is picking up a little Spanish as he plays his Diego game.

There was a lot of time spent outdoors this afternoon, too. Here are some photo highlights ~

Decided over the weekend, that we'd work a little harder
on memorizing the times tables. It's such a nice day, would be a shame
not to do some of the work outside. Had them skip count, the 3's, as I
wrote them on our drive way. Then I asked what 3 x _____ equealed.
Thing One would have to tell me and jump onto the number. We
did enough of that to hit all the numbers 1 - 10 a couple times.

While we were out doing math, I was able to
finally photograph a salamander.

Need to double check, but I think this might be a
bee hive in a tree.
Turns out this is a Burr tree, with an irregular growth,
sort of like a wart. Makes for interesting carvings.

Another item to check on ~ think this is a heron.
I was right on the heron, but to be more specific,
it's a female Great Blue Heron.

Playing in the water. Thing Two was actually running through
the water, tripped, and fell into the water (not during this photo
though, a bit later). He was soaked by the time we got home.

Thing One was having fun walking across, bare foot. Both boys
really enjoyed playing in the water. While we were in this area, I also
pointed out a bend in the river and tied it back to Higgins Bend Song & Dance.
This is such a wonderful area, I'm hoping to make it out more often,
even when we row Owl Moon. I'd love for the four of us to get out one night.

This was the first time walking through the woods that we came across
deer AND I had a camera. Very cool!


  1. jen, did you get all your things identified?

    cj from fiar

  2. CJ - Yes, the blue text under the tree and bird, explain what I couldn't figure out. Thanks for asking.