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Friday, September 11, 2009

Advantage #2 of Homeschooling

This is the week of "Advantages of Homeschooling". I might as well wrap up the week with a post on the same topic.

Woke up this morning tired, exhausted, and generally wiped out. A feeling that even the strongest caffeine in the world couldn't shake. Chalk it up to doing a lot yesterday and not having fully recovered from surgery last week. By mid day I was really missing my nap. This morning decided to go back to bed by around 9 or so and didn't get back up until 11:00 or so.

We haven't gotten dressed or started school. Hoping to get at least some accomplished today, but might just spread it over the weekend as I'm still dragging.

Off to finally get ready for the day, open up the house, and possibly feel better.

Have a great day folks.

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