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Friday, September 18, 2009

All because of Sheri . . . . .

I am finally feeling motivated to finish some of my projects around the house. My friend Sheri has been going crazy with fun projects around her house. One was painting one of the doors in her kitchen with chalk board paint for her kids to use. When she blogged about it (see here), probably about a month ago at least, I became a bit frustrated with myself, in that I had everything I needed to do the same and hadn't gotten to it yet.

Today is the day. The boys are off cleaning their rooms upstairs, which means, that if I don't get after them, I have a couple hours to get my own stuff accomplished. I gathered supplies up from the basement, took things off of the door, and got to business. First coat went up well, with minimal clean up. Yeah!! Will see if I need to add a second coat. I'll add a piece of tin for notes and I'll be in business. It's even got me thinking of how I want to redo the wall to the right of the door. HHHHHhhhmmmmmm!!!! Lots of fun things to think of!

Here are some before and after photo's:

The door to the basement prior to paint. Kind of boring and white.

Here's the same door, with the first coat of chalk board paint.
It went up fairly easy. I also decided to paint the trim to the
cat door. Don't think white would have looked to nice on it.

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  1. Yay!! Glad you did it!! Have fun making the changes. It's exciting to watch a house take shape.