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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last day ~ again!?!

Here it is the end of the month, again. How did that happen?!? {figuratively, folks! I do understand the passage of time!}  Yikes!!!!

Wrap up or high lights of the month:
  • advanced green belt earned by Thing Two
  • weekend camping trip for oldest
  • survived Hurricane Sandy
  • 15 hours without power
  • 16 therapy sessions
  • 4 baseball games
  • several baseball practices
  • 11 sessions of Tae Kwon Do (multiple classes per session)
  • funeral in another state
  • field trip to Cox Farm
  • 4 Sunday services
  • 2 times to play bass
  • 4 Wednesday Night Services
  • 1 doctors appointment
  • major vehicle repair on one car (cheaper than buying a new and should give 3 or more years of life to the vehicle)
  • 2 week days with all extra activities canceled (thank you Sandy)
  • 4 Scout meetings
  • 1 Court of Honor for 3 Eagle Scouts from Troop 2215
  • folks birthdays (my parents were born 362 days apart)
  • trip to Skyline Drive
Some how this doesn't sound as hectic as the last time I did a month wrap up, but still busy!  All that is left for today is school, some cleaning, and figuring out what to do tonight!

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