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Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October 1st!

Happy first of the month and happy Monday everyone. Hope the beginning is going well for you!

Is there anything special you are looking forward to this month?  Any traditions for the month? Celebrations?

Traditional things for us here is a Cox Farm field trip and Harvest Festival at our church.  Both of which are enjoyable events!  Think last year, it rained so much we never made it to Cox Farm; we'll have to make a greater effort this year.

We'll still have our crazy schedule, similar to what I posted as a wrap up of September.  Hope that with the end of October, life will slow down.  We'll only have one sport, Tae Kwon Do, and it tends to not interfere with meals or therapy!  Baseball seems to be all over the board, on the day of the week, the time of day (which gets more crazy with loss of evening day light), and whether game or practice.  Guess my "home body" ways are showing them self here.  I like predictable and routine.  Yes, I understand life is not always like that.  Life has a way of shaking things up, changing the order up, sifting things out ~ a test in flexibility!

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