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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rough Starts

{Part Two of Running the Race}

We're all running a race of sorts.  Race to get kids to school, a race to get them to sports, race to get them in the shower, race to the grocery store, race to church, race to something.

My first attempts at "running the race" have been getting up early and being productive.  Quiet time, exercise, quick map of the day, coffee, get kids up at a "good" time.  (shameful home school plug, so glad I don't have to get kid to bus stop at 6:45 or 7:15 ~ that is early and cold).  This has been rough going over the last couple weeks.  Lots of little things have interfered ~ colds and to much coffee to name a couple.  Beauty of this is that, I haven't been stressed over it.  It's been just a mild source of frustration and realize tomorrow is a new day.  On the bright side of my failed attempts of regular morning routines, I have managed to still loose 4 pounds.  Nothing to write home about, but with situations that as they have been, that is progress.  Felt renewed this morning as I had lost the one pound I'd gained back and got to my exercising even though it was later in the morning than I wanted.  Flexibility, right?  Bend with the breeze or storm that life throws you, but stay firm on the solid ground of God.

Off to monitor school and life!  Have a blessed day friends!

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