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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stocking Stuffers {Part 2}

More random ideas for stuffing those stockings ~ and not the little stockings either!!  Made the mistake of buying big stockings, but don't plan to buy new, smaller ones.

When buying, think of the person you are buying for, what do they like.  Below is a take on stocking, from A ~ Z.
  • A:  Angry birds anything, art supplies
  • B:  Band-aids, book mark, baseball hat, bottle opener, baseball cards, back scratcher, batteries
  • C:  chips, chocolate, cell phone cover, cereal (small box), candy cane, coins, candles, calendar
  • D: duct tape, deck of cards (plain or themed), dice
  • E:  earrings, ear plugs, ear muffs
  • F:  finger lights, folding fan, flattening iron or cover, flashlight
  • G:  gadgets for favorite activity, glow in the dark stickers, guitar accessories, glow sticks
  • H:  hair gel, hair brush, hot chocolate mix or pouches, hat
  • I:  I-tune gift card, Ipod or IPhone accessories
  • J:  juice box, jewelry
  • K:  kool-aid mix (small pouch), key chain, kitchen gadgets
  • L: lotion, Lime Juice (Kevin's favorite), lip gloss, Lego's, lava lamp (any size), lottery ticket
  • M: marbles, magnets, mad libs, movies, maps, match box cars
  • N: nectarine, night light, nail polish, neck pillow, notebook
  • O:  Orange Chocolate, oatmeal bars
  • P:  Pandora Gift Card, popcorn, puzzles, pencils
  • Q:  quarters, queen finger puppet (& her friends??),
  • R:  restaurant gift card
  • S:  slinky, snacks not usually bought, socks (matched or mismatched), sports accessories, seeds for fruits/veggies/flowers,
  • T:  tissue (individual package in cute wrap), trial sizes of stuff, tooth brush, tea
  • U:  umbrella, USB flash drive (all sorts of cute designs)
  • V:  vanilla (beans or liquid), video games
  • W:  water bottle, windshield scrapper
  • X:  xbox games
  • Y:  yarn, yo-yo
  • Z:  Zhu Zhu pets (if stocking is big enough)

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