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Thursday, October 11, 2012

running the race

What races are you running? What end goal are you looking for? What bench marks are along the coarse that are most important in the race? The real bench marks, not the ones others think you need! How does your race fit in with others racing around you? Are the races toward the same goal or to multiple destinations?  Does the race change, either a little or a lot, during the coarse?  How do you handle this?  If you start a certain coarse, does it absolutely have to stay the on the same path to reach the same end goal?  What if there are multiple, positive, Christ honoring routes, do I HAVE to stay on the one I started out on?

So many questions spinning this morning!  So many things to sort through, to weed out, flesh out and figure out answers.  Questions that need answering and pondering in a timely fashion.  So many that things, that although not directly "my race", but effects my race, my feelings, my well being, my sights for the day.

At beginning of post had thoughts of keeping this as a draft and reworking and reworking till more presentable.  Honestly, after typing things out, seems like a multiple post topic.  While typing I am thinking of my marathon running friends, my multiple children with multiple activities friends, my friends with children younger than mine, my ahead in the race but not quite finished friends.

I hope to get back to these questions and flesh them out more! Some more in depth than others, share some thoughts, ideas, strategies! 

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts or links to your own blog posts on similar topics in the comment section.  I know this post to face book as well, but comments there will be "lost", so to speak, in time.  Posting here, keeps things together for easier referencing.

If you care to check back in the future, I plan to use the label "running the race" for these posts if you want to check in.

Thanks for reading,

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