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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Family Day

Every once in awhile you need a day off, a day to hang out without other responsibilities.

Our schedules have been full, by our choice, and then life throws a few extra things in there as well.  A lesson in being flexible!  A learning opportunity of how to juggle life's demands with grace and a smile.

We took today to hang out and do stuff together.  I made a quick trip to Wally World for normal life stuff and fun road trip food.  Boys wondered why I'd gotten Goldfish Pretzels, Milanos, and Pringles.   Kevin and I let them know we were going to see the mountains.  Got a "Going to see the mountains, that sounds boring!"  We headed out west for Sky Line Drive despite the rain.  Took a chance that it would still be worth it.  An opportunity to show Thing Two why a Sunday Drive can be a good thing.

 Periodically, when passing Markham, Virginia, I feel
obligated to take a picture of the sign.  Not sure if the Markham's
I come from are related to the ones that started this town.
 Small church with a pretty tree out front.

 Not sure if this was the first over look we stopped at.  Immediately
getting out of the car, could smell that someone had a fire going.  Lovely
smell!  Almost expected to hear a train too!

Thing Two exclaimed that it was an awesome view and said he was
glad we made the trip!

 Low hanging clouds everywhere we went.
 Some chilled boys where thankful for wearing blue jeans
and sweatshirts.  Fun to look over the edge of the mountains,
but was chilly as well.

 Lots of low clouds.  Lots of questions about what is in clouds!
At least I could ask the question back, "What does it feel like!"
Wonder how long Thing Two will remember that science lesson.

 Layers and layers of clouds today.

 So, I don't normally join in on the pictures.  I just don't like
pictures of myself, at all.  Read this article in Huffington Post
that made me realize I should be in more!

Yes, Charlotte was originally in photo too, but not her pretty end.
Got most cropped out but the tip of her tail that is white!

 Here is Charlotte, patrolling the wall.

The higher we got into the mountains, the more clouds we drove
through.  Neat experience.

On the way home, Thing Two need a pit stop.  We found a Shell Station that just happened to be next door to The Apple House.  If you are a part of Boy Scout Troop 2215, you'll understand why we stopped there instead.  Just about every time the Troop goes west to camp, they stop by the place for donuts.  Kevin even liked the donuts and he's not to keen on apple products.