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Sunday, September 12, 2010


inside/outside . . . .

of what exactly, is still to be decided.

Upside of today:
  • it's Sunday
  • we all made it to church (inside)
  • we've got a bit of extra time, some of us anyway, as we went to the first service. Kevin is playing bass, so he's going to all three (inside)
  • change in service times made it easier to get to the first service (inside)
  • Quest Kick Off is this evening (outside)
  • nap is calling me (inside)
Downside of today:
  • lots of different places, only a small portion of us need to be, at varying times today (mostly inside activities, with exception of one outside)
  • it's overcast outside and drizzling (outside)
  • lots of cleaning to get to (inside)
  • lesson plans to get to (inside)
  • wanting to kick back and vegg without the long to do list

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