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Monday, September 20, 2010

Pioneer's Unit Study

We're now in week three of Amanda Bennett's Unit Study for Pioneers. It has been such an amazing study of part of American History. Thing One and Thing Two are enjoying it immensely. I was really impressed with the boys today and how they are tying everything together from the previous weeks ~ they're making connections in ways that I just don't have to lead them too. Totally awesome. Then, as I was reading from a couple web site links, the boys starting drawing on their whiteboards various pioneer scene ~ pony express, wagons, mountains, explorers, etc. I was also excited to read that that this study leads into the Civil War time in the US History (my mental calendar of historical dates is not so good). Totally stoked because that is the next unit study we're doing. It's just the way things worked out without trying. SwEeT!!!!!!

Thanks Amanda, for a well written Unit Study!

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