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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is Kevin's Birthday! Happy Birthday Hubby! Thought I'd list some thing that I like about him, so here it goes:
  • he loves God
  • he has a passion for playing string instruments
  • he loves serving at church
  • he's faithful to his quiet times
  • he loves hanging out with our boys
  • he enjoys teaching our boys any number of things
  • he'll get down on the floor and play the same games with the boys over and over again
  • he enjoys reading
  • he has a good job
  • he likes, most days, that good job
  • he likes to cook
  • he likes cooking enough, I barely have to cook on weekends
  • he's an encourager
  • he takes lead on disciple with the boys
  • he helps around the house, a lot!
  • he's fairly even keeled
  • I still enjoy being around him as much as I did when we first started dating, but it's better because we have a history now
  • we have fun taking the boys places and telling them about things that happened there (King Street Blues was really good last night! One of our first dates was there 14 years ago.)
  • he's the love of my life
Happy Birthday Honey,

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