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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September, a month of lists!

Blogging has been hit or miss!  I've taken a few pictures, that would make for good pictures.  Suppose I'll do a photo blog in the next day or so.  In the mean time, here's what is new:
  • Would you believe ANOTHER phone call to the All American Appliance Inc. yesterday.  Fridge got up to 50 degrees and stayed there.  Feel like I am on the first name bases with everyone that works there.  They are a great company, one I plan on using again, should the need arise.  They are quick to respond, friendly, and knowledgeable.  Definitely recommend them for appliance needs.
  • Based off my last conversation about the fridge, the only part that could be culprit would be the compressor.  With the cost of that part, the fact that this particular fridge has had MANY issues, GE doesn't seem to care, we decided to buy a new fridge.
  • Thankful for the internet.  Browsed a few places, from the comforts of home, and found a few models that would work for our requirements.  Read the reviews and narrowed our choice down to one.  Searched on that model number to find that Lowes has the cheapest price on the fridge.  The closest Lowes to us, had a couple in stock and a display model (we wanted to see actual model in person).  Because they had it in stock, we were able to schedule delivery today.  Cool because delivery and haul away are free ~ another savings compared to other stores.  Even got a call this morning asking if they could move our delivery time up to an earlier window. 
  • On the painful side of life,  I've been having back pains since Sunday.  Yesterday, it was to the point I wanted to go to the doctor's.  I was able to get an appointment and a prescrip for it.  Seems to be working well as I feel loads better today.  
 So ends this list!  Back to school and things on my "to do" list!  Hope you are enjoying the weather in your area.  It's raining here, 3rd morning of it, but its kind of nice.

Have a great day,

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