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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Slow on the uptake

I am slow on the blogging thing! It's like an online diary of what ever you feel like writing about and are willing to share (depending on who has access, that is, to your blog. Yes, I have one that is by invite only.)

I have a new knitting project, a triangular shawl out of home spun yarn (see picture to the right). This particular yarn, is definitely high up on my favorite list. It is very soft and warm. For me, it took a bit of getting use to when I first starting knitting with it because it isn't spun tightly together. Home Spun is spun more loosely with a thread wrapped around it to keep the yarn together. Each skein has such variance in color, it is just beautiful.

Anyway, back to the title of this particular blog post "Slow on the uptake"! I am slow, in that it's hard to come up with titles for the whole blog, when there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of folks already blogging about the very thing you want to start blogging about. I went through this with trying to find a title for this blog with the words "Home School" in it. Then again with wanting to start yet another blog about knitting. I should probably just take some time to figure out what the main point is behind this blog and see if I can find a better title for it. Simply put, it's about "My Life", bet that's taken already!

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