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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life on the Oregon Trail

There is nothing quite like listing out what others have done to make you realize that your own life is fairly easy in comparison. Today, in Pioneer Unit Study, we took another look at "Life on the Oregon Trail". Here's what the boys found out:

· day began at 4:00 AM
· men first yoked the oxen or harnessed the horses; women and girls made breakfast (hot coffee, biscuits, bacon, and boiled beans)
· cleaned up camp
· hit the trail by 7:00 AM
· walk until noon
· “captain” would give the signal for lunch or “nooning”
· ate a cold lunch and rested for one hour
· 1:00 PM began to move again
· stopped for day at 5:00 PM
· Men took care of animals and made repairs to the wagon
· Women made supper, mended clothing, and gave lessons to children
· Children gathered firewood or buffalo chips
· After chores, they’d gather around the campfire, tell stories, read the Bible, or play fiddle or guitar
Average miles per day = 15
Speed of oxen = 2 miles per hour
Average hours walked per day = 9

Yes, my boys are happy to not have to walk for nine ours a day. I think Thing Two could handle it though, with all the energy he generally has.

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