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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Day

No, I'm not necessarily thinking of the Matt Maher song "Hold Us Together", more thinking that it's June 1. Here are a few random things running threw this scatter brain of mine:
  • It still doesn't quite seem real that we're on summer vacation but we are.
  • We've had our first interview for our home study. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Both Kevin and I have one more interview individual. It will take about two weeks to create the rough draft, then another couple to have a finalized copy. Possibly, by July 1 we can start the adoption process.
  • I'm really impressed with how everyone in our family worked together today to get the house straightened up. The boys are finally "getting it" when it comes to cleaning up. Yeah!!!!!!!!
  • Thankful that the cold I feel like I've been battling for the last couple weeks is just about gone. It seems like it wouldn't stay in one place long enough to treat.
  • Soooo looking forward to another solid night sleep and a leisurely morning tomorrow.
  • Having fun pulling together a wish list of things I'd like to get for next school year.
That just about sums up the day here. Happy June everyone!

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