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Monday, June 21, 2010

Journey into the land of patience . . .

Kevin and I had our last interviews with our social worker two weeks ago. In theory, we should be receiving a rough draft any time now in the next 7 days to review. It's almost like the last few weeks of being pregnant in that, the "due date" is only an estimate, it could happen anytime around that date.

In the mean time, we've been mulling over which agency to go with for the actual adoption, how much do with think we can afford, how to pay for it, how to rearrange the bedrooms, and on goes the list.

Prayer requests, for now:
  1. Wisdom for the financial aspect the adoption. We don't want to be over our heads in debt.
  2. Clear disernment regarding which agency to go through.
  3. Endurance for the organizing of our house.
  4. Patience and peace for walking in God's timing.
Thank you friends,

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