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Monday, June 7, 2010

When electronics are not allowed.......

Thing One and Thing Two seem to get a bit more creative in their attempts to alleviate boredom. Today has been a leisurely day, other than taking Thing One to Speech and O/T. Finally got to the point that I just kicked everyone outside, including myself. I weeded a couple flower beds, cleaned out a few cracks in the driveway, and took a few messed up tomato cages to the curb. Thing Two decided it was a good time to set up an umbrella outside and color in the shade. I added the blanket. Thing One decided to join in for a bit.
What's even more impressive, is that Thing One came inside and said "I'm going to clean up all my Legos, take them upstairs, and sort them!"

Who are these boys and where did my children go????????????

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