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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Playing in the dirt.

Sometimes I wonder why I am the one that plays in the dirt the most. Yesterday, for example, after 10 bags of dirt was put into the whole that was our tree out front and leveled some, I wet it down to help it settle. It was basically a big mud pie. Really surprised that Thing One and Thing Two didn't even ask if they could play in it.

Today, (after a second trip to Wal-Mart last night for 15 more bags of dirt) I put in 13 of the bags and leveled it out again. Will probably use the remaining two later and wish I had more. After 23 bags of dirt this is our front yard, morning sun light and all.

Did you notice how much sunlight hits the living room
window? Curtains are closed a whole lot more now.

Out back, our vegetables are growing. Here are
our pumpkin vines. No actual pumpkins yet, but the
fact that the vines are growing like crazy and we have a
lot of blooms bods well fro having pumpkins.

Corn was planted as well earlier in the Spring.
We have a couple ears growing. Hope they'll taste
good later.

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