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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Next Years Curriculum

We're on the home stretch of having all the things we want for next school year. So far, we have the following, which includes some things we haven't finished up from last year:
The following things came from Queens Homeschool Supply, should you be interested: both of the Language Lesson books, The Testimony of Charlie Coulson, and An Honorable Boy. We're also working on creating some copy work for the boys. Still being considered is Excellence in Writing.

As an aside, copy work can be a great thing for a few reasons, following are a few:
  1. kids are reading things that demonstrate good grammar
  2. when copy work is chosen that is a level or two above where the child is currently reading, they slow down their work to focus on spacing, punctuation, spelling
  3. it also helps them with penmanship
  4. they are introduced to wonderful poems, prose, quotes, etc.
  5. it can be used as a "warm-up" so to speak for a writing assignment, a way to get the mind working when trying to create a paragraph, essay, or outline
  6. we'll also be using copy work as a way to reinforce math facts and the direction of numbers, both items the boys need a bit of help on
So, our days will be busy with school, bible study, being outside, and hopefully a bit more fun.

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