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Monday, May 31, 2010

School is out

and over the past couple school years (two prior to this one) I've usually made a big deal about it with the boys. This year, it seemed to be over scheduled. The tree came done, I had major back problems, needed to make sure we stayed on task with testing, get the testing out on time as we were going on vacation, and on it goes. The tests were successfully mailed in on May 20th and we ordered pizza for lunch. That about sums up the end of our school year.

We've been home from vacation for a couple days now. The split wood has been moved to the back except for one large piece and we still still need to work on the mulch/dirt pile. And I say "we" loosely as Kevin and the boys have been working hard on it. Finally beginning to feel like I am beginning to get caught up on chores and life ~ woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

Biggest news around here is that our first Home Study interview is tomorrow. Believe we'll have two more after that.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day!

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