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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yard Sales . . .

We visited my folks this past weekend. When there, Saturdays seem to mean yard sales. My mom wasn't to excited about going, but got talked into it. We loaded up into two cars, just in case there were lots of treasures to be had. There were, but not big ones, and they all didn't call our names. My boys were excited about all the toys they were seeing; but honestly, these were toys we're trying to get rid of at home or for kids about a year old. I was quite happy with the five dollars I spent. Found three pails marked 50 cents each ~ got all for $1.00. At another yard sale, found a grape vine wreath with berries on it and a bag of extra berries marked $5.00 ~ asked if she'd would sell just the wreath. She wouldn't; so I asked if she'd take $4.00. Yup, walked away with those as well. For $5.00, I bought 3 pails (two with holes in the bottom already, perfect for small plants - maybe some daisies), a grape vine wreath with fall berries on it, 2 short berry vines, 2 medium length berry vines, and 1 long berry vine. A success as far as I am concerned. Here's the photo's:

The wreath was promptly put outside, once we were home.

Not sure what I'll do with the remaining vines, but they'll
be put to good use. The tins I have some good ideas, but
may need to wait until spring.

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