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Friday, October 16, 2009

The Week in Review

What a crazy week it has been for me; a busy week squished in between two weekends away. From my post this past Tuesday, you know we visited my folks for their birthdays. Kind of cool that they were born 362 days apart. We're getting ready now to go camping in the cold, dreary rain.

Highlights of the week include:
  • Decorating for fall ~ hanging swags, new and old, but still need to get our pumpkins out
  • great time at Breakaway ~ the ladies bible study at Burke Community Church
  • Wednesday was Thing Two's first Den Meeting as a Tiger. He was excited about it all week. Monday he said something along the lines of "I can't wait until Wednesday for my Den Meeting. It's toooo looonnnggg!!"
  • Yesterday was such a rainy, chilly day that the trip to Cox Farm was postponed until next week
  • Both boys enjoyed making Chinese style hats ~ an activity related to Thing One's book for FIAR ~ Grass Sandals
  • Thing One had his first building session for Lego Club. That was fun for the boys involved
  • A highlight for me, is that I managed to make a round trip to Costco, in 45 minutes on a dreary, cold, raining day, during rush hour (there's one street that just gets bogged down with people trying to get onto or off of Interstate 95). Made the trip in just enough time for Kevin to help me unload the van before he had to run off to a meeting up at church
  • The boys and I were successful in finding puddle jumpers. We'll need them this weekend!
Here are some photo highlights as well:

A close up of Thing One's hat. It says "Cool" on it
and the oo's are the eyes of the owl. Totally his idea.

Thing Two's hat with a Robin on it. He's really into
"Teen Titans" right now. Everything is Robin.

The bamboo we bought as a tie into Grass Sandals. No,
we won't plant it outside, it grows to crazy like.

Our new puddle jumpers. The boys both have black.
I got a shinny, red set.

Above and below pictures: The boys needed to make
sure their puddle jumpers were water proof.
Think they just wanted to play in the rain ~ which didn't last
to long, because they didn't want to wear their jackets and
got cold quickly.

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