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Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Musing

The weekend sure did get away from me. Don't remember much from Friday evening, probably spent a portion of it knitting. Saturday, we ran A LOT of errands and even a return of one purchase. Yikes, a lot of tracking between stores. Got to sew some duvets for the boys new comforters. Two sheets (@ $4.50 a piece) were a lot cheaper than the almost $20 or almost $30 the boys were looking at. Let's see, $18.00 for the four sheets or $50 for two pre-made. That's a no brainer of what to do. That evening I even got to hang out with a friend and meet some new ladies that I recognized from church, but hadn't met yet. Sunday was just as crazy. Church in the morning, then lesson planned for a couple hours until hubby was home for lunch. Cleaning, more lesson planning, waiting for hubby to get home with a color cartridge so I could print things for school (that was an ordeal he can describe on his blog!!). We got to some cleaning in the basement and watched some ball games. Dinner was finally made and eaten to be followed by printing, in color. The boys to bed and finally working on the long over due checkbook.

So, it's now Monday and the pace hasn't slowed much. Got up, exercised, ate breakfast, got ready for the day, sorted and started our mound of laundry, finished lesson planning (and still a bit to do), and onto school. We're wrapping up most of the work now, to break for lunch, then the library, possibly another return, to back home, to a bit more school. Still need to update the sidebar pictures too. That will have to be later today though. A bunny trail from school let us learn that there are 6.7 million square miles in the USA (were we live obviously), 6.59 million miles in Russia (setting for Another Celebrated Dancing Bear), and 127.77 square miles in Japan (setting for Grass Sandals).

Hope your weekend and Monday have been more relaxing than ours!!

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