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Monday, October 19, 2009

Manic Monday

Odd heading, I suppose. Sure feels like it has been a manic kind of day though, as I sit back and consider all that has been accomplished and all that is still left to do. Was up before 6:00 AM today, sitting with my bible and bible study book. It was dark, except for minimal light (trying to keep the boys sleeping!), and a bit chilly. Thing one was up before I was finished, but said something to the effect of "I'll be quiet so you can finish your quiet time!!" He followed through with that fairly well, too. The day progressed from there. Here's what has been accomplished thus far today:
  • school with each boy
  • reorganize Thing One's folder
  • breakfast for everyone
  • clean-up
  • putting school stuff away
  • packaged up a book to go back to a friend
  • getting ready for the day
  • speech for Thing One at the public school
  • orthodontic appointment for Thing One (pallet expander got stepped on)
  • run by post office
  • straightening up of lots of little piles of stuff
  • going over some Webelos requirements
  • going over some Bobcat Requirements with Thing Two
  • played with dulcimer for a bit
  • sent out a couple e-mails
  • organized stray newspapers
  • threw away a few handfuls of trash
  • looked at Thing Two's leaf pile and helped make it bigger
  • cleaned a bathroom
  • gotten four loads threw wash & dryer
  • one still in wash and one more to go all the way through
  • unloaded dishwasher
  • reloaded dishwasher
  • made progress in clearing off coffee table
  • put away a few craft supplies
  • came up with meals for the week
  • talked with a friend, briefly, on the phone
  • got the boys Razor Scooters folding again with the help of a little WD40
  • updated sidebar on blog to account for new FIAR book for Thing Two
Now to just get rid of a few more piles of stuff during the rest of the day, read some more in bible study book, start reading chapters in "The Case For a Creator" and collapse later.

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