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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cox Farms

The boys and I joined our co-op at Cox Farms today. We had never
been before, so this was a treat. I hadn't realized how much
there was to do there. There were loads of slides, animals to see and feed,
shows to see, a hay ride, food to eat (not included in the entrance fee!!!). Here are
some of the highlights from our trip.
Boys at the top of the castle slide.

Hopefully the above and below pictures are obvious ~
Thing Two (above) and Thing One (below) enjoying
the slides.

Time for a hay ride (it was mighty itchy)!

Scenes from the hay ride.
Peter Pan

Beauty and the Beast

Thought this tomb stone was to funny. I was happy to see it turned out.
I'd been taking photo's hoping they'd turn out.

We came to the fork in the road.

Wooden horses

Lost and found chairs for teachers. There is a
bench you need to step on in order to get in those.
Guess I should have been in it instead of the boys!!

On the way out, you get to take a
small pumpkin. Here are ours at home.

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