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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reading ~ love or hate it?

   Do you love to read? Are you one who could navigate your whole house or apartment or whatever all the while totally engrossed in a book?  Do you read late into the night by headlamp or candle light?

I so wish I was that person!  Nope, not that way at all.

                  Reading has always been difficult for me, even now many years after "formal" education.  To pick up a book and read is just hard.  The idea of being swept to another location, by a book, is very alluring.  Being so mesmerized by the characters, the scenery, the plot, would be a wonderful thing.  Honestly, even while reading "The Help", there is only so many times you can hear "you still aren't finished with the book" before you become discouraged.

Kevin, on the other hand, can loose a day or two reading.  It isn't uncommon for him to have a couple (or more) books going at one time.  Eeek! How do you do that?  The characters for me would be jumping from one book to another, in my dreams!   He is an avid reader.

    Now, to keep things fun around here, our boys are evenly divided among the two camps.  We have one that it is "just hard to do" and one that would "loose hours in the day" (well unless the call of the wild is to great, then he is outside getting stinky and dirty!  He IS a boy and takes the job seriously).

All this to say, I have become quite smitten with audio books.  They are a life saver! I know I've mentioned a few times, either here or on facebook, that we have plowed through a bunch of books as a result of listening to them.  I'm not sure if 11 books is a great number to consider "read" or "listened too".  I think it is fairly descent because we do home school and actually read dead tree books everyday and pick up interest based ones from the library.  So the totals would be a bit higher if those were included as well.  If you look at the page labeled "Boy's Reading List" you'll find the ones we have been going through, that I've picked out to listen to or be read too, plus a few more I want us to still get to.  Most of these titles have come off of lists of "Great Classic Books" so to speak.  There are a number of those lists floating around Pinterest.  You can just search "reading lists" and find a bunch to choose from.   I took a few and came up with our list that way.  Here's a link to my reading board on Pinterest, should you want to take a look at the more detailed list.  I actually want to reread them and update my list over here.  Know there are a few classics I haven't mentioned or gotten to yet, one being Shel Silverstein and I just happen to have a lot of his books on our shelves.  Will make a conscious effort to read some to the boys everyday, from those.  Shouldn't take to long as a most are poem books. :)

Being able to listen to a book is great when we're in the car so much.  We get a lot done that way.  It has been rather enjoyable for me as well.  There are many that I didn't read as a child because reading wasn't enjoyable.  I feel like I am reliving a piece of a childhood missed.  


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