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Monday, February 25, 2013

Bread Making

I've been bitten!

                 Bitten by the bread making bug!  And in the process, created a bread snob of a son.  I am already praying for his future wife, that she may love to bake to keep this strong willed boy happy!

With a gift card, from Christmas, I bought a Wonder Mill, one of these things:
 Thanks to some friends, I was able to get to grinding
right away and making my own bread.  We ordered some
grain from Amazon, but that would get expensive quickly.

After some price comparisons, found that Yoder's Country Market
had the best prices on grain around and had what I needed in stock.
Even with the time commitment and gas used, it was enough of a savings
to justify both the time and wear & tear on my van.  I came home with a few other
things needed as well:
  • buckets to hold the grain
  • Gamma Lids (helps to keep item dry and in a fairly air tight package)
  • Oxygen Absorbers
  • a bread recipe book
  • Shank's Vanilla (our favorite, but hard to find locally)
 "Homemade Bread" by Keepers at Home Sampler One
I have pretty good success with a few of these recipes so far.
We've made sourdough bread, sourdough "English Muffins", and
Wheat Bread.  All have been really tasty, mild wheat flavor, filling,
and worth doing again.

 Mini loaves, at the boys request!
They absolutely love these.

 Doesn't look like much food, but neither
finished their lunch the bread is so filling!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the bread and the act of making bread has not been as overwhelming to me as I thought it might.  Will be a hard to switch back to store bought, but can see the need, on occasion, of doing so.  In the mean time, we'll be eating our homemade bread and enjoying it!

Happy baking everyone!

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