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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SNOW day!

Here, that means:
  • getting the basics of school accomplished is like an ancient torture device
  • fire going
  • one outside, playing, getting cold
  • hot chocolate consumption
  • usually baking but I've done so much the last few days, we have loads left over
  • random electronics being used
  • coffee flowing and I am the only one consuming!  Think I might  be up late tonight!  Anyone want to facebook chat!  Cori, you're on the West Coast and might be a good time if I am still up at midnight.  ;)
  • regular chores being totally ignored
  • wet clothes everywhere it seems
  • evening activities canceled
  • pondering tomorrow's events
  •  we aren't moving our cars if we don't have too!  To many D.C. Metro people don't know how to drive in snow and slush.  Safer to just stay home!
  • dog really doesn't want to go outside
  • something warm for dinner and in the comfort food category
Hope everyone is safe and your travels are easy!

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