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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Are you Irish? Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Do you celebrate it because it is fun?

I am an unknown amount of Irish and not sure if Kevin knows any of his nationalities. We both are firmly "American"!

We don't have anything formal to do to celebrate the day!  Possibly a brief history lesson, fish and chips, and a bit of fun science.

For science, here's what is going on!
 Gather your supplies:
  1. White carnations (mine was a package of 7, very convenient for 6 colors and a cloud)
  2. Clear vases plus a clear juice jar (only had 6 clear vases)
  3. Food Dye
  4. Rolo's
  5. Water

What we did:
  1. trim leaves off the side of the flours ~ this keeps the water fresher longer
  2. added approximately 6 drops of dye in each vase (ours came with blue, yellow, red, & green;
    we mixed colors for orange and purple ~ about 3 drops of appropriate colors)
  3. trim about an inch or two off the bottom of the flower
  4. put a flower in each vase and one in straight water (because we had seven colors we
    are having a cloud too!)
  5. lay out some Rolo's for the pot of gold

 Kind of a neat idea ~ one of those that strikes you late at night, the night before an event.  Floral stores are closed on Sundays and many places didn't have white carnations.  Third grocery store was a winner, but I almost did not find the Rolo's.

Got the flowers in the water about 3:00 PM today!  Wonder what time they will start changing?  Want to leave a guess in the comments?  No blog give away, just bragging rights!  Will update the post with more pictures when and if they change color.  Until then, keep on guessing!

On a totally unrelated note, Kevin and I started dating 17 years ago today.  He remembered, I didn't!

As of 9:00 AM on 4/18/13, no color had seeped up into the flowers.  I cut them way down and the color hadn't made it up the stem much at all.  Makes me wonder how old the flowers are.  Flowers will "self seal" their stems to retain water, which is why it is recommended to cut the bottom two inches off the stems when you get them.  Certain flowers you can keep doing this, once a week, and have an arrangement for awhile.

Anyway, I took about 4 inches off.  We'll see what happens.  Here's a new photo of the flowers:


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