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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day of Photos?

Well, not exactly a day of photo's, just things that grabbed my attention (and my frustration in our camera and my lack of photography skill ~ tired of blurry, grainy photos). 

           Had hopes of capturing some good photos of our barely colored carnations.  With a bit of work in trimming the stems and cutting them, we did get some coloration.  Down side, there are only tiny veins of color.  Hard to capture a good photo of that, for me anyway.

Anyhoot ~  here are a few others that turned out fairly well, some with a few retakes.

 The boys had played outside for awhile this afternoon.  Thing two really wanted
popcicles today and really seems like a good day for them.  We had none though.
I offered to make yogurt fruit ones and use the popscile forms we had.  They weren't
to keen on the fruit I wanted to use, but being mom, I stuck to my guns to get berries in them.
After letting the berries thaw a bit and get mashed, I set the potato masher in the sink.
Loved the color left in the sink.
Equally love using bleach in my white sink to maintain the white.  It will
get cleaned later.

 Remember our Resurrection Garden post from a few days ago?
I noticed today we have grass growing.  It's like baby hair right now, but
still very cool to see.

 Another view of the grass.

 Not one of my best photos.  This was rather hard to get a
good shot, but this is the best.  These seedlings are basil.
Hoping for an explosion of basil this year!
(and tomatoes too, which we haven't started yet)

Around Halloween last October, we ended up with 7 little pumpkins.
We saved the seeds from one pumpkin and get them planted.
Going strong, reaching for the sun, about ready for a larger pot (just
not sure if it is time to put them outside yet!)

What are you growing?  Let me know, maybe we can compare notes!  Any suggestions on camera's?

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