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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December

Today has been a busy day around our house. Lots of kid chauffeuring, thanks Kevin, chores, and some fun.  Today, I got a few last decorations out.  One of the more "important" things is this:
 Won't play a rousing game of "Guess what this is!"
Think most know it is the Willow Tree Nativity Mary & Jesus.

Here's a larger picture of the set.  Didn't want to push
them all together to get them into one photo.

Other things that were put out:  a Santa flag, a nativity flag, grape vine wreath snowman, another santa, and our Advent Wreath.

Hope you enjoy these days leading up to Christmas!  Also, what have you done today, to be reminded of Christmas and "the reason for the season"?  Want to share?  Post a link to your blog in the comment section?  Would love to read about your holiday too!

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