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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Candy, Cookies, & Caffeine

Totally going off subject before I even get started.


Off subject item - read that catchy titles bring readers in.  Did this one work?  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks!!

Back on topic now ~

   Feeling a smidge more like a functioning human being today and wanted to get on to some Christmas sweets.  Usually, by now, we're on our third Christmas treat.   Not so much this year.  But it was time for some cookie making. 

 One tradition we have is Toll house Chocolate Cookies 
made with M&Ms instead.  Very easy and so good!
Just follow the directions on the back of the Toll
House back and swap the chips for the bag of M&Ms.

While the butter, eggs, and vanilla were being whipped together
it was time for a bit of caffeine!  My favorite source tends to
be coffee ~
 Pretty green light meaning it's on.  Yes, old school coffee pot;
even without a timer!

Coffee, over ice ~ great tasting any time of the year.
May I ask how this looks like coke?  I often get asked
how my "pop" is or if I am enjoying the fizz!  Huh?
It's coffee!

 The M&M's poured in.  Next time, I might still add a
cup of chocolate chips.  As much as Thing Two loves just the batter,
I love it over loaded with chocolate.

I used a small cookie scoop because I wanted a lot of cookies
when finished.  Believe I got about 80 cookies out of this round.
That would be just over 7 1/2 dozen and these still won't last all that long.
Oh!  Just a heads up, not sure how to keep the M&M colors from bleeding
into the dough and I used light brown sugar, so these look really, really faded.

Happy Eating!!!!

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