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Saturday, December 15, 2012

T minus 10 days and counting

December 15th ~ what is it for you?

   ~ just another day ~

Was it another Saturday full of chores, shopping, and sports (if any are going for you)?

                            ~ a lot to reflect on for me today ~

Most of the time, the 15th is pay day (unless the 15th is a Saturday or Sunday, then the Friday before is payday), so a few bills needed attending today.  Not to bad though.

Went to a few stores looking for Christmas presents for the boys.  They've been heavy on my heart after the shooting, in an elementary school in Connecticut yesterday!  Was often reminded of when they were so much smaller than now.  Found myself going to the toddler or young boy section to look for things for them.  Hard to grasp that they're growing up so quick.  Oldest is excited to be almost taller than mom and will happily tell you he is growing facial hair.  Youngest is just happy to be double digits!  Parts of me so misses the little baby stage, being able to put them into a sling/vest thing and carry them around! I do enjoy the young men they are becoming though.  To see them step out in their talents, is such a blessing.

Realized earlier today, also, that I graduated college about 20 years ago.  Thought it was the 15th, but might have been a different date as I thought it was a Saturday.  The 15th didn't happen on a Saturday in 1992!  Close enough to be reminiscent!  I have friends, from college, who have teenagers already, not just young teenagers, like our oldest, but driving teenagers.  Just weird.  Don't feel old enough for that!  Also weird to think, that those freshman in college weren't even born when I graduated.  Anyway, shaking the cobwebs out of my brain now.

Not a whole lot of Christmas type things going on today.  Kevin and Thing Two are up at church, doing the choir thing for the 2nd night of three.  Both are enjoying themselves.  Thing One and I are home, playing with electronics and playing card games.  Hope to get some wrapping done tonight and possibly baking of some sort tomorrow.

Enough musing on my part, hope you have a great evening!

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