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Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2nd

We've spent the morning in church! What a blessing to have a church home that truly feels like home. It is a wonderful thing.  Our youngest, Thing Two, is singing with the Kids Christmas Choir again this year.  Today, they sang one song, as a teaser, to get folks to come to the show next Sunday evening.  (Gee, want to guess what I'll blog about next Sunday?).  His solo was a part of the song too.  We thought he did really well.  Anyway, we're into to the post lunch, week has caught up to us, crash.  Kevin's asleep, boys are vegging, and I'm working on my "December Month of Blogging Christmas".

I am thinking that today's activities, along with Kevin wanting to do an Advent devotion, will be centered around the Polar Express Movie.

We'll probably have hot chocolate, with whip cream (homemade!!) and crushed up candy canes and let the boys sack out on the floor. 

A few things to print out today:
  • Luke 2:13-14 Subway Art ~ link here
  • Polar Express Ticket - found many on pinterest, but decided to make my own.  Following is a picture of it:

I plan to print these on tan paper and darken up the lines that make the ticket.  I choose mostly "black and white" as color cartridges are expensive.  Also, in my scrapping booking software, the Santa sleigh was the best graphic I could find.

What are your plans today?  Have you done something special already?  Share, if you care, what you might be doing tonight or in the near future. 


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    1. Thanks! I can recreate for others ~ change the date if someone is interested. Thing Two got a bigger kick out of the ticket than Thing One. Also a good idea to not awesome what colored paper you have before planning something out. Tweaked the size of the ticket, so both with print on one sheet, which is all I had left.