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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Christmas Carol

Today is the 3rd and I'm thinking we'll begin reading "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, probably as an evening read aloud.  We finished up "Hardy Boys" a bit ago and just haven't picked anything else up yet.  Maybe this is the spark we need.

Many are familiar with this tale of Scrooge, Tiny Tim, the three ghosts, and Scrooges change of heart.  It's neat to hear phrases taken from this book, in everyday language.  Do you hear, "Don't be such a Scrooge!" or "God Bless one and all!"?  I may incorporate a bit of research into this and have the boys read and write about Charles Dickens and the era the book was written in.  After reading the book, we may pick up a copy, from Redbox or Netflix, and watch it (so many good Christmas Movies to watch!!)

What is your favorite version of movie for "A Christmas Carol"?  I'm not to sure for myself, but don't think the Bill Murray one is high on the list.

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